Entrepreneur 101

Being Money Minded

Being “Money-Minded”- Credits to Sadhguru and Blog Question: I am someone who is a first generation entrepreneur. I come from a middle-class background and, very often, I feel that I don’t have the money mindset that entrepreneurs require. I want to ask: is it possible to develop that quality, and if not, how do I build a team where as…

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Dissolve the “I”

Remember, you have to follow your heart and never let anyone to steal your dreams. One of the most powerful ways to tame your ego and overcome the voice in your head that says, “I’m the great, , the word “I” that whispers in your ears stating your are invincible – is the first step to lead  you to disaster. there are millions…

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Habit of writing

Create a habit of writing on paper instead of using a computer Your handwriting is a road to ecstasy , when you pen it to paper, the imagination horse goes wild , your writing improves , your skill , your grammar, your choice of words , anecdotes etc – are important skills to develop. after all, being successful is a…

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Read Read Read

Read Read Read for pleasure Read for knowledge Read for improving your vocabulary Read for articulating your ideas Read for comprehension Read and go on an imaginative journey of the incident If it impacts you, just mull over it – see it from different perspective – from the author point of view , the character point of view, may be…

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Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions Focus – Focus – Focus.  To do this, you need to stay away from any Distractions that divert your attention. it could be right now your phone, or your social media.  There should be a clear differentiator between work and pass time. Both should never be mixed.  it can’t be multi tasked. Your goal is to be successful…

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exceed expectations

Always exceed expectations Whatever you do, give your best shot.  Pay attention to the situation – and give your 100% Always remember you are like an stage actor doing the play.  It might be your 1000th play, but you need to act to the audience as though you are doing it for the first time.  For you it might be…

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Highs & Lows

You should know when you are out there on your own, there are peaks and valleys.  Highs and lows. You need to be aware and anticipate these challenges.  When faced with difficult circumstances, always do the right thing. Always work with your heads level on the ground.  In no situation should you think and act with heavy weight.  You should…

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Prioritize what matters

Prioritize what matters most The things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until you get there if you want huge success, you should narrow down your concenrtration to one thing and where your success is falling short, you shall notice that you had varied focus. Extraordinary results…

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Entrepreneur 101 – Learn basic technology tools

Paying attention to the below are important and it just needs commitment to set aside some time of the day to bring Learn how to use Excel , – formula, calculation, graphs, macros etc Learn how to create exciting powerpoints Learn about how to make it simple , yet powerful – see apple designs of products Learn how to organize…

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Entrepreneur 101 – Networking

One of the key qualities you need to develop is to increase you Network. in simple terms, the more network you have, the better your net worth will be . Business is all about building relationships – trustworthy. You should be prepared to share your knowledge with others without any expectations. Keep doing it , opportunities will automatically materialize.