Cunning! And people think that to be cunning is to be clever. It is not so — only mediocre people are cunning. A really intelligent person need not be cunning. He is  intelligent and that’s more than enough. Cunningness is a poor substitute, a plastic substitute for intelligence. The mediocre person tries to look intelligent; in that very effort he becomes cunning. And the greatest cunningness is to be a  hypocrite: to be one thing and to show something else. But then life will be easy. Buddha makes it clear: you will fit with other cunning people, they will understand your language.

Cunningness is cowardice, intelligence is  courage. And the greatest courage in the world is to be exactly what your consciousness says to you to be. And the greatest cowardice in the world is to follow others, to imitate others. Then you remain artificial.

Then you are never a real rose, just a plastic rose that looks like a rose but is not a rose. It will not have any fragrance and it will not have any aliveness.