Down Under

An old country doctor found his work load too heavy and managed to persuade a young doctor to share his practice. “Just  remember, son,” cautioned the older man, “these are simple country folk. They don’t have much of a way with words, and sometimes they won’t be able to describe their symptoms accurately. But just keep your eyes open, and you will be able to diagnose their ailments with no trouble at all.” That very evening the two doctors were called to the aid of a beautiful young girl who lay in a stupor. The older doctor took her pulse while the younger man tried to take her temperature. His efforts only seemed to upset her, and her violent tossing and turning caused him to drop the thermometer. He bent over and picked it up and put it back in his bag. He waved the older doctor aside and whispered a few words into the young woman’s ear. Whatever he said seemed to soothe her and the two men went on their way. When they got in the car, the old doctor demanded to know what the young man had said to the patient.

“I simply told her she would have to cut down on her political activity.” “Now that is ridiculous,” exclaimed the old practitioner. “She was practically in a coma, and you thought it was politics? You are a fool!”

No, sir. I just did what you told me to do. I just kept my eyes open.” “Now what is that supposed to mean?” demanded the irate physician.

“Well, when I bent over to pick up the thermometer, I saw the mayor under the bed.”

Another One :-

A woman with a baby, next in line in the crowded baby nursing home  went inside the doctors office to get the baby examined.The doctor examined the baby, and then asked the woman, “Is he breast-fed or bottlefed?”  “Breast-fed,” she replied.

“Strip down to you waist,” he ordered. She did, and he examined her. He pressed each breast, increasing and decreasing pressure. He squeezed and pulled on each nipple.

Suddenly he remarked, “No wonder this child is suffering from malnutrition — you don’t have any milk.”

“Naturally,” she replied. “I am his aunt. But I’m glad I came.”