Talkative Parrot

While on their honeymoon, Kit and Netty bought a talkative parrot and took it back to their hotel room. As they made love the bird kept up a running commentary. Finally Kit flung a bath towel over the cage and said, “If you don’t shut up I am sending you to the zoo!” .Getting ready to leave the following morning, they could not close a bulging suitcase and decided one of them would stand on it while the other attempted to fasten it.

“Darling,” said Kit, “you get on top and I will try.” That didn’t work. So he said, “Now I will get on top and you try.” That didn’t work either.

“Look,” said Kit, “let us both get on top and try.”

The parrot yanked away the towel and said, “Zoo or no zoo, this I’ve gotta see!

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