Wooman ! :-)

A man had decided to take a trip with his eighteen-year-old daughter. “Hey, how about  me?” his wife exclaimed.

“Oh no,” the man said. “You and your big mouth are not going on any vacation with me. I got enough of your big mouth all year long. I am taking our daughter and that’s all.”

So off they went. The train on which the man and his daughter rode was held up by  robbers. They lost everything. “I’m ruined!” the man said. “Everything I own is gone!”

“No, Papa,” the daughter said, “I saved  the jewelry. The minute I saw the robbers  coming, I took my rings, my diamonds and my bracelet and put them in my mouth.”

“That’s marvelous,” said the father. “If your mother was here, we could have saved the suitcase.”