Backstabbers – How to deal with them

Recently I had a “friend” who stabbed me behind my back. His so called super smartness in taking advantage of certain situation and making me feel like a hostage was one of the worst infuriating situations I was forced to deal with. The values of loyalty, trust, respect – everything thrown out of the window. With life being a constant learning of lesson, what I implore are some pointers for you to deal with it.

Remove this person from your life.

For me personally, if someone has backstabbed you, and the shadiness of his character are exposed, then there is no reason for you to continue with this persons relationship because you don’t have the time to deal with misgivings, distrust, disloyalty, etc.

He is the Brutus who once was a trusted comrade but he has used the situations to his advantage. Ofcourse, your judgment of this person is absolutely wrong.

It was depressing enough to be backstabbed by someone whom I thought was a trusted comrade, much less learn about the depressing opinions this person had been harboring against me. I felt like I had been totally wrong in my judgment.