Dissolve the “I”

Remember, you have to follow your heart and never let anyone to steal your dreams.

One of the most powerful ways to tame your ego and overcome the voice in your head that says, “I’m the great, , the word “I” that whispers in your ears stating your are invincible – is the first step to lead  you to disaster.

there are millions of examples of people losing their success ground because of the above thinking. Keeping you grounded without the “I” will always make you successful.  Do not get any of these accomplishments to your head.

Money, bank balance, car, dress, status , materialism , jealousy ,power or pride – they should never come your way. Put yourself to test by living a life of a poor not because of anything else, just to know how life is and keep you grounded

Practice Humility.  When you are on your road to success, the first thing that hits you is to walk with heavy head.  Your attitude among coworkers, customers, family, friends will change.  You need to be grounded, humble and these victories just happened because of the hard work , effort, dedication , etc., and in no situation you shold have your macho ego come in play a role.