Head Heavy

Success breeds ego.  You need to practice humility and the attitude of arrogance will always pin you down. Small achievements in life, it tries to elaborate in a big screen. The ways of the ego are very subtle. No sooner do you make one small step than it proclaims great triumph. It gets a fistful and claims to have attained all space! A little glimpse of light and it says the sun has risen. A drop has hardly fallen and you begin talking of the ocean. Then the talk leads to more talk and the result is that even the one drop vanishes, the glimpse dissolves. The result is that the person remains  shallow, full of nothing but knowledge; he seems to know too much. He talks a great deal without any experience. If you observe him carefully you will note that his actions are completely inconsistent with what he says.

Once Mulla Nasruddin was trying to catch a train that had already started moving. He caught hold of the handle and one foot was already in the door when the guard grabbed him saying, “Don’t you know it’s an offense to climb a moving train?” The Mulla climbed down.

Then just as the train was leaving the platform the guard jumped into his compartment. The Mulla promptly pulled him down, saying, “Well, sir, doesn’t the law also apply to you?”

This is exactly the state of an egoistic person. His statements apply to everyone else. He enjoys the taste of delivering discourses – bereft of the waters of life, unrelated to his own experience and this danger is always there.