Increase energy at home

Simple techniques to increase energy

Take an old phone , connect this to a speaker , set up an alarm – am and pm –whatever time you feel – preferably 530 or so – create a playlist of chants –let it go for an hour or so at the minmum.  Repeat the same for the evening at  6 pm

Light Lamp in the place of worship.  If you own a business , light a lamp in the place you sit.   Offer flowers every day near the lit lamp.

Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and evening

Keep your house and office clean , spic and span

Try burning incense , aromatheraphy diffusers etc in the room

Chant your favorite mantra with deep reverence – feel the  vibration when you chant.  Sit and chant . Do not multi task when you Chant.  Feel the energy

While wake up – do not rush out of the bed. Just gaze , day dream that ‘all is well’ – self talk about health, wealth , prosperity , happiness and feel the energy flowing.  Repeat the same when you hit the bed.   Stack only positive thoughts when you wake up and when you go to  bed.  Make it a point not to tell yourself if a negative thought comes, say STOP , change it with a positive stroke. Keep faking it until it becomes a true.  It’s a mood that’s playing the trick – if it pulls you towards anger, jealousy, hatred, frustration , its your mood – change it …because, its you who will lose in the whole bargain because of the tricky mind.