Interesting fairy tale in Dale Carnegie’s life

Dale Carnegie remembers an incident in his life. He delivered a radio broadcast on Abraham Lincoln. He mentioned a few wrong facts about Lincoln; even his birthdate was wrong. He received one letter, a very angry letter, from a woman, calling him a fool, calling him stupid. “If you don’t even know the right birthdate, what right have you got to speak on Abraham Lincoln?”He became enraged, and he immediately wrote an angry answer. But it was too late in the day, so he thought, “Tomorrow morning I will post the letter.”

Before posting it he read the letter again. It looked too angry — twelve hours had passed. He read the woman’s letter; it was not so insulting as it had appeared at the first glance. So he changed his letter, he wrote it again. When he was writing it again he said,”Why not wait twenty-four hours more and see what happens? What is the hurry? The woman is not going to die.” So he waited twenty-four hours and read his letter again. Now he was even more cool, and still the letter looked a little too strong. He changed it and thought, “Why not wait forty-eight hours? Let it be an experiment! I can always send the letter, but after twelve hours I had to change it, after twenty-four hours I had to change it much more. Let us see what happens after forty-eight hours.”

After forty-eight hours he had to change it totally. All anger had disappeared. He said, “Now I will wait two days more and then I will send it.” And when finally he wrote the letter he apologized; he was no longer angry. The woman was right: what right has he if he does not know the facts? At least he should have checked the facts before going to broadcast. It was absolutely right on her part to get angry.

So he wrote, “You are perfectly right. Next time I will not commit such a mistake. I am deeply sorry that I hurt your feelings. I apologize. If any time you happen to be in this city, please come to see me, or, if I come to your town, I will come to see you. I would ike to know more about Lincoln — because I feel you know more than I know.”

Naturally, the woman was tremendously impressed by the humbleness of the man; she was not expecting that he would be so humble. Next time she came to that town where Dale Carnegie lived she phoned him. He went, received her, and invited her for a dinner.  And finally the woman and he became so friendly, they fell in love and married!

It looks like a fairy tale –