Sadhguru – Come back Home


Questioner: When I do my meditation, everything is peaceful and quiet and I feel like I am getting somewhere. But the real test comes when there is adversity and I forget everything and again go back to the same old way of dealing with things. I feel that my practices have started making a mark but when something happens, I go back to the same old ways.

Sadhguru: You already repeated this twice, “I go back.” What does going back mean? It means that an agitated way of existence is your original nature, isn’t it? Is that your original nature?

Questioner: Yes.

Sadhguru: Then why do you want to lose it?

Questioner: No. By “original”, I mean that is the way we have been dealing with it all our lives.

Sadhguru: If we are so identified with that agitated way, how can we lose it? If you were to say, “I was very peaceful during the practice but when adversity happens, I am going away,” that would be better, isn’t it? Not just better, it is most essential to see, “I am going away from my original nature.” Then you will naturally want to come back to who you are. But you are clearly telling yourself, “My original nature is agitation, my fancy yoga nature is peacefulness. So, naturally I go back to my original nature.” Isn’t it natural to go back home.

You must change this within yourself. Right now, the way you think is the way you become. The whole mess of your mind can be changed just by the way you think. When you say, “My original nature is agitation,” it is trying to establish itself. If you see “My original nature is peace but I have lost it,” then you will naturally want to go back to your original nature.

Which is your original nature? This is not my teaching. You tell me, what is your original nature? Or if you do not know what this “original nature” stuff is, at least tell me, when you were a child, were you agitated or were you peaceful and joyful?………..


courtesy :- isha foundation