Hiring & Firing

Q. What do you think corporate India can do for better employer-employee relationship in this downturn?

Sadhguru: Recently, a major company in the South (South India) came to me with a problem. It wanted to cut off 10 per cent of its employees. So I said, go and talk to the remaining 90 per cent of the employees and ask if they are willing to take 10 per cent less salary for a certain period while you use this time to retrain and rejig the 10 per cent for a different capability. The employees did not refuse. This whole hire-and-fire thing is a very western thing. In India, somebody who works for us for life means he will not go anywhere. We develop a bond with him. If you do not experience any humanity working in your office, you are going around like a robot. Naturally you will talk about work and life.

ps:- In my experience, I truly believed the above.  I have not had a chance to fire anyone for cost cutting.  I had let go of employees due to their own behavior and attitude.  In fact ,to my knowledge we have not fired anyone.