How charming are you to attract new customers ?

Charm draws new customers.  Practice Charm – you will be able to get noticed.  In order to grow the ladder of success and be immensely be at the TOP – ordinary , mediocre performances won’t cut to the chase.

Besides Money, Recognition and Power , the two most important paradigms you need to achieve in your world is

1. You must be accepted by people

2. You must be liked by people

When you are being accepted and liked- by a charm, you will be having the blessings of staying there for a reasonable period of time.

Charming people always create a good impression. Are you one among them ?-  The ability to be charming will make you stand out from your competitors.  The individual who is beaming with the charm, charismatic – will succeed.  The underlying rule is to have the commitments kept up to your customer.  Charm is a softener that can help stay ahead – its an intangible one.  Don’t get confused with courtesy.  Courtesy can be identified with some etiquette or process.  Charm is beyond that , its a concept – a road to long term success.

How friendly are you ? you can’t fake your “friendliness”.  In real business world, this doesn’t necessarily mean to practice obsequiousness or being nice.  It only shows a trait that “you genuinely care”

in order to be the very best – you need to have some measure of Charm – that’s necessary – its absolutely important.

If you make the other person believe that you care – and actually you do care – being able to getting the job done properly.  Always ensure that you care about the other person – inside or outside – customers.

Ask this question – how many business lunches do you do ? – how many thank you notes do you send after you do the business lunch/ meeting ? – Thank you notes have become a thing of the past.

You have to be noticed – to attract new customers- getting noticed quickly is the key to success. This is a taboo in today’s business.  People shy away to get this “noticing’ act.