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“The purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two- basic functions : marketing and innovation.  Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business-  PETER DRUCKER

The small and medium business owners are in a dichotomy- the amount and time being spent on marketing.  It always doesn’t get associated with big brands and enterprise.  In fact, marketing and innovation can be applied to any organization – size doesn’t matter.  In this flat world , a frugal marketing technique will help go a long way – the only wherewithal required is a commitment to stay doing the right techniques.

When we address the turbulent economic situations, its all the more important to seize the opportunity – thus – implementing  a marketing plan can help an organization propel an increased market share.

Simple rule in marketing :- you have to be visible and while you are visible, position yourself as an interesting company- whatever you are to offer – as products or services  – make it an compelling , interesting proposition.


The cost of doing sales have increased significantly and hence marketing can help foster newer initiatives – through which lead generation, sales could happen through indirect channels thus reducing the costs of conducting business. Alternate models have come in place – internet sales – is a classic example of a scalable business model with unlimited potential to reach out to newer buyers.

With the social media – the buzz word – every one is empowered and can be influential in making decisions , opinions and they are now your indirect sales force

The platform that exists in the flat world are free- eg :- youtube, facebook, linkedin , twitter – the content is the one that needs to match up to the platform – to generate brand loyalty, or new business or to reach out to your clients.

Take a first look at your website – what does it convey ? who are the target audience browsing your content ? does it address the concerns of every individual – be it clients ,partners, employees, future employees, prospects, vendors etc .

The mantra of marketing – being liked and being accepted – its a question of how many people  you know vs how many people know you. The better the venn diagram – the more you come in the circle of influence.