Mobile as the 7th Mass Media – a Book

I read this book,  and found interesting facts on how a tectonic change is happening in  the Mobile Technology World.   – Suggest you buy the book and read it.  Worth your time.


Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media- Tomi Ahonen

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Book Description

Publication Date: October 14, 2008
With the subtitle of Cellphone, Cameraphone, iPhone, Smartphone,Tomi’s latest book takes readers to a journey of the most advancedcontent and media services deployed on mobile phones in the mostadvanced mobile telecoms countries such as Japan, South Korea, HongKong, Finland etc. He goes through the taxonomy of the seven massmedia, with an emphasis of what lessons can be learned when newermedia were introduced. These lessons he applies now to the 7th media,mobile, with compelling arguments for why just copying television,newspaper or internet content to mobile is not enough. The book starts by setting the stage by examining the overall industryand the consumers of mobile content in four chapters. Next Tomidevotes two chapters into explaining how to build compelling contentto mobile, and exploding the myths of the limitations of supposedlytoo small keypad and tiny screen. In the book he then devotes achapter each to the most promising early media content types: music,gaming, TV, internet, advertising and social networking. Tomi explainswhat works and what doesn’t when deploying content to the mobile. Healso includes a chapter on SMS text messaging. In the book Tomi expands his 5 M’s mobile service theory to 6 M’s. Hediscusses the seven unique benefits of mobile as a mass media channel,and he discusses how mobile phones have evolved through the 8 C’s. Heconcludes the book with essays on related matters such as disruptivefactors now creating new opportunities, and a chapter on discussingwhy the American industry lags the rest of the world in mobiletelecoms. Like Tomi’s previous books with us (Communities Dominate Brands,co-authored with Alan Moore and Digital Korea, co-authored with JimO’Reilly) Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media is also a hardcover book,which runs 322 pages and is packed with 16 case studies,up-to-the-minute statistics, end-user analysis, and real worldexamples.