Phone + Email = Success at work

In the current IT back office support – be it Recruitment, Human Resources , Administrative or Operations, the critical success factor is by asking two questions


1. How much of time do I spend on phone ?

2. How much time do I spend on sending emails ?


IF you are an individual whose job is mainly on PHONE and EMAIL – ask this question.  The critical success factor is – the more you spend on phone and email, the better your chances of success.

I have seen – till today, only people  who are passionated in their work – spend quality time on phone and email.  The rest of them spend as little as 2% of their time on phone and emails.

Solders win wars and in every organization, we have a slew of soldiers wielding the posts of making these phone calls/ sending out emails.

Imagine they work on 2-3% productivity and hanging to their jobs and those minimal effort – they see some success that can retain their jobs…

Their success is like the taste that comes from eating a chocolate with the wrapper on. a little here – a little there- by accident !

Imagine if they increase their quality phone and email time – what kind of impact would it create on business results.

The debatable question is – if some one leads them ( a major has to be there for these soldiers), as a leader, the prime responsibility should be in ensuring their team mates spend as much quality time on phone and email.

Bottomline – we have seen most of the team members if not guided in the right direction get rusted in the rut of NON-PRODUCTIVITY. They are in a comfort zone- which typically is a pattern they develop – say – boss conducts morning meetings – they hide or type cast with some answers – the boss carries his own work – the team members go in their cocoon of wiling away time acting BUSY.

Boss feels that they are hard working ..but they are HARDLY WORKING  !