Sublimal Messaging

Adolf Hitler in his autobiography says, “There is not much difference between truth and a lie. The only difference is that truth is a lie repeated so often that you have forgotten that it is a lie.”

That’s what the experts in advertisement will  say: go on repeating, go on advertising. Don’t be worried about whether anybody is listening or not. Even if they are not paying any attention, don’t be worried; their subliminal minds are listening, their deepest core is being impressed. You don’t look at advertisements very consciously, but just passing through  them  in  the  movie,  on  TV  or  in  the newspaper, just a glance and there is an imprint. And it is going to be repeated again: “Lux toilet soap” or “Coca-Cola”….Coca-Cola is the only international thing. Even in Soviet Russia: “Coca-Cola….”Everything American is banned and barred, but not Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the only international thing! Go on repeating it!

In the beginning electricity was used for advertisements — static electricity was used. It remained “Coca-Cola.” But later on they discovered that if you put it on and off it is far more effective, because a man passing by will read it only once if the light remain static. But if it changes, goes on and off again and again, by the time you pass it, even in a car, you will have read it at least five to seven times: “Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, CocaCola….” That goes deeper. And sooner or later we become impressed.