Taboo in Todays Business- Are we asking too much ??

I am more mostly appalled by the way our Inside Team works – The referring term of Inside Team – is that which doesn’t step out of the office to conduct their business.   Also, referred as people on the phone and email.  This is a common problem with small companies where there are a few people hungry for growth and the rest of the team members are nice but do not produce as much results.

If you don’t step out daily to meet your clients – and if you daily routine consists of making a few calls, sending out a few emails – then read on- this is for you

  1. You are your company’s first line of contact with existing and prospective customers.  You create an enormous impact on customer satisfaction / loyalty.
  2. You have to be successful – only then you will be motivated to do more. Ensure – whatever it takes to be on the map of success- else – you will be disastrous – letting your company down.
  3. Learn , Practice, Train – to be effective. The outcome for every call must be tangible – did I provide value? is the question you should ask every time after the call is over.
  4. Do I have a solid foundation of interpersonal and communication skills
  5. Do I sound assuring, confident – am I responsive?

If you are in the job of making outbound calls – ask this question – am I making enough qualitative calls?

If you are experienced in your field  – the traits you should avoid – Procrastination, I-KNOW attitude (You might know – but without having to do your daily routine of calls/emails – You are as good as a dead vegetable), Lethargy, Complacency, Acting Busy vs. being Productive, Always having an answer for non-performance or not doing the daily routine, basking on past glories

The appalling traits are not taking responsibility or accountability – the mind gets rusted in the old rut – being like a ROCKING CHAIR – makes enough movement but doesn’t move anywhere.

My wish is – every individual – reading this, should do something better- when they are on the phone /email and keep improving on it…..bottomline – to impact some one , in some way is to give ourselves 100% ….why not do it NOW ???