To Grow up the Corporate Ladder



1. Always strive to retain your Client(s). They are your lifeblood and do whatever it takes to retain them.  They are the real bosses who determine your paycheck

2.  Do one hour of Physcial Activity every day – it could be any activity that keeps you physically fit- staying in shape  – will help keep your spirits high.  The level of fitness is up to you- your imagination can take you where you need to be !

3.  Never Write Nasty. Venting out your anger and frustration in writing calls for disaster.

4. Sharpen your axe- in the morning hours, when your mind is fresh – give it time to think- dreaming, visualizing , practicing -accomplishments.  Do this religiously and have  this a part of your daily routine

5. Don’t drink frequently and with the gang. Stay out of drink for a period of time to test yourself.  Do not give your body a pattern to follow. If possible, Quit drinking- its a lot better for your health

6.  Reach out to one employee a month who could not be a direct report.  It could be some one down the organization chart. Make one ally every month.  Let them know that you know  them and appreciate them.  Practice saying their names without mistakes.-remember their names

7. When you fly, its  work time – this is the most peaceful time – undisturbed by interruptions.

8. Do breakfast meetings with your clients- this is the most wonderful way to start your day – with a client meeting and an healthy breakfast – make it a habit – convince your clients as well to follow this pattern – over time – you will enjoy.

9.  Send Thank you notes – after every meetings, situations which deem fit- Saying Thank you is always the best way to being courteous of the situation.   Today, this Thank you – word has become a taboo. We take all things for granted…but you can make the difference if you start doing this.  Your image changes

10. Always be positive when talking to your bosses – when it comes to targets – give your assurance that you will do it- the bosses would not like surprises- an assuring subordinate is far better perceived than a mute participant.  Also, prove your worth – by performance- Refer Point # 1

11. Read – Watch – Write – a good practice to polish your skills

12. Dress well- for every occasion – even when you are out to work – dress well

13.  Always hire the best people.  Give them the best training, spend time with them to make them successful. They must trust you before you trust them. A general without an army is nothing.  Hire people who have the Integrity, I can do it -attitude and Intelligence – also known as common sense.

14. Don’t cut corners on your hiring – this is a mistake that could be very costly. Spend adequate time in finding the right talent. Do not be desperate in hiring. Always be on the look out for the “right” attitude people- they will give you an enormous return on investment rather than trying to hire a mediocre talent

15. Being able to sit on the REPORTS – analyzing is the biggest success factor that can help.  When you need to measure productivity, ensure you have the reports of your customer, needs , red flags and every detail.

16. Identify being busy vs productive. – Rocking chair syndrome – lots of movement , but they are not going anywhere – spot them.

17. Never Panic or Lose your Temper- Never throw your tantrums as a boss.  You’ve got to school yourself not to panic. If you are a type A personality or a person who on one day is calm, the next day aggressive or one day result comes – you stay calm , when result doesn’t come , you turn aggressive – not following orders – you take off during meetings . Don’t get intimidated.  This will be a game changer in the long run. Being able to achieve your objective without panicking is the best credential a leader can possess

18.  Give proper credit to people and recognize them without any bias

19. Give informal surprises – such as bonuses, gifts , compensations . Every one should know that if they do an exceptional job, they might hit a jackpot from you. Surprises gives happiness !

20. Practice Politeness- Always practice positive words in your dictum.

21. Decisions are of two types – decisions that have least impact and if done wrongly, can always be redone and  irrevocable decisions – for which when taken – have to live with it.

22. If some magic formula is working – then DONT change the formula for success. Rather, pour the coals to it.

23. Hate the sin and not the sinner. Do not type cast people. Accept the way they are.

24. keep track of your failures- they are the lighthouses to show you what you shouldn’t be doing. They are tell-tale signs of what you should be doing right.

25.  Practice good sense of humor and the art of short story telling

26. Give your family an equal importance.  Respect every individual in your family.   Spend quality time with them – undivided.

27. Write your goals and make it happen

28. Be a good follower to be a good leader