Japan Trip + Japanese Art of Management

My recent trip en route Singapore , made a stop over at Tokyo.  While taking the sightseeing tours- every stop made me ponder with wonder – for this tiny nation  – with an annual house hold income of over 60,000 USD ,   hard working, cultural mix of tradition and technology with a longest life span in the world.  How could all be possible in this land of the rising sun !

Look around – How many Japanese products are there – how have they influenced our lives…..From Cars to Electronics to White Goods

Japanese are the best modelers – they are not great inventors but take any invention, improvise on the invention and excel.  The products we consume – the Japanese way is not to reinvent the wheel but to improvise and that’s been their success factor –IMPROVIZATION

IMPORTANT areas :-

Hard working – their normal work day is 12 -14 hours of intense productivity. This must not be construed or compared with any other situation. When I mean by Hard working – they really are!  – You can’t just compare with any other sect in the world.

Loyal – Life time  jobs are the mantra in Japanese cultrue  and hence loyalty is established as a two-way traffic

They take these two words to their heart –  RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. That’s the reason you see suicides or top management resignations or  stress related problems

All have to be hands –on – they believe in bottom- up growth – which means, the guy at the top would know every bit of information ground up.  So, they know their job so thoroughly that whatever is promised gets delivered.

Japanese Diet – a point to consider – makes them feel energized as its by far the best diet for longevity.

They never say no —-Japanese tradition is  NOT to say no.  They will always come back with an answer – Let me think about it  – which means – it’s a polite way of saying NO ! – next time, when you hear these words, do not assume any other meaning other  than a NO.