What is your priority ?

When priorities are clear – decision making is easy…

Every individual must know what they should do on a daily basis – if they DO NOT know what they are supposed to do on a daily basis – day in – day out – then – mark this golden word- they are wasting time , energy , money.

Don’t manage your time – manage your priorities. But the key is in finding out which one is your top priority !

What has to get done – MUST get done – without compromises – without procrastination – do it first – until it gets done – PERIOD—-

Sales Person – Priority – is to Sell – which means the most important thing is to TALK TO customers – thats their one and only priority….

Recruiter – should get their resumes submitted – to which – their top priority is being on the phone with the candidates evaluating them

We always have no time to do what we are supposed to do…..because – we always have mixed up.   We are conditioned to see how other people work.  We always have become spectators. We have much more fun to watch others but we don’t have the guts to go out and do it ourselves.  This is a cascading problem – top -down and we reward the wrong things. Results are not measured the way its supposed to.

“Its not about how many hours you put in to your work- Its about how much work you put in to the hour”

Routinely – we always tolerate poor performance because leaders find it difficult to fix the problem – getting into the grass roots – the leaders are to be taken responsible for not ensuring the disciplining of work.

Leaders in todays world are happy that you are coming to work..that’s as simple as they expect and the rest of the accomplishment happens by accident. Most times, minimal results are bound to happen even for the least minimal effort. So, it gets into mediocrity and the organization gets rusted at a poor performance.

Regardless of the situation, every slipping conditions – if we strive for excellence – we are on our way to change the results.

Proper Training, Education – is imperative to create an environment for work.


Unless you
 study,   learn,    practice     and     master
You won’t be able to get your objectives

These are the ABCs of your existence.  Spend time on sharpening the axe.  Even the best players are known for having their time spent on Practice.

What have you done today ?  its a good start for you to know where you stand in contributing to your organization

Some of the issues faced with in today’s business world are :-

Incorrect Focus- What you do or what you get done ? what do you focus on …..What needs to get done is more important than what you do..your TO DO list is not important as compared to the accomplishment

Have you gone through the butterfly effect – if not , learn how important a butterfly effect is in your business.

Always remember to measure accomplishment.  Busy vs Productive – leaders must ignore the BUSY people and encourage productive people