What should you do if you have an underperforming team ?

Every Leaders common problem

Every Organization’s pain point

Every Small & Medium Company faces this every day


Individuals with low morale, come to work – while away time – miss sales targets, will have ready-made answers for every situation of failure


The leader is desperate to get their numbers – always focuses on results – and creates a pattern of questions in their meetings – for which the individual has a type-casted answer. Even the reprimands don’t work as the individual gets used to it and passes this muster wonderfully.

You cannot go by the 80-20 rule in an inside sales environment where attributing 80% struggling to reach their targets.

The problem again is – you can’t do the firing and hiring all the time – the training costs, the hiring costs and the unproductive time(s) spent will prove dearly for any organization.


Some Solutions are:


1)   Train them – find out what they know and what they don’t know in their area of work.

2)   Create an end-to –end sales process and have them stick to the “T”. This processes starts from creating a roster to best practices that include canned sales pitches, closing, email etiquettes, follow up etc.

3)   Have them stick to it – to the “T” . Do not allow them to create their own agenda/ process. Reinforce and have an IRON CLAD APPROACH in making it happen- next 90 days without compromise- without dilution – make it happen.  Even after that, if you don’t see improvements, FIRE them

4)   In meetings, instead of focusing on results- focus on what they did – go into devils detail – Sit on every data in the REPORT- The right to ask the right question is up to you – and your team member has to answer them- till you get convinced on what is being said, Do not move to the next data in the report…– ensure you do  a carrot/stick approach to make them succeed.

ps:- its painful and time consuming.  As a leader, you have other priorities. But, there is no other alternative to have your team perform.  Else, this team will impact  your performance.