Adapting to Social Media Strategy

The often used word- Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. 
We’ve all heard the above phrase.  Though it has different meanings, like “think your customer first,” it’s easy to have them on paper, and better to be used for preaching than practice.   The reason I say it’s difficult because we are in this digital age where your ideal customer is now literally omnipresent. I mean, today’s customer wants you to be present in multiple channels and appeal to their feelings.  This is practically impossible if you do not know the place he wines and dines!  This blog and a series of lessons are to simplify this myth and help you cross the road.
Ask yourself this single question and answer them with the best of your knowledge.
Does your business harness the power of social media to drive your website traffic?
First, social media is where customers spend their time and expect to engage.   With so much of smartphone penetration, there can be unique customer engagements and newer business models to great customer experience, faster and convenient alternatives. This is more important if your target audience is the younger generation which has leapfrogged in technology.  They are growing up at an unprecedented pace of texting, streaming which could be greek and latin for some business owners who do not have a clue of the current platforms that are available for them.