Know Your Customer

When you have a social presence, you start generating a large amount of data. These become a wealth of impeccable information on who your customers are and what they feel about you. All you need to do is to keep your ears close to them. This is what we refer to as “social listening’; by doing so, you can make meaningful decisions about your customer behavior.

Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Answer these simple questions.

  • How many ways can your customer find you?
  • How many ways can your client connect with you?

By your social presence, or “social habit”, you create a loyal audience who will keep coming back to you so long as you stay connected with them.  Thus, you create awareness for your brand, and thus increase your customer retention aka loyalty.

Run targeted ads with real-time results

Running ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media is an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. The way you can customize your target audience is simply phenomenal.  The capabilities they offer are so unique that you can narrow in the exact target audience.  You need to spend some time in doing the walkthrough for targeting options so you can understand the mechanisms better.  The best part of these ad campaigns is that you can track and measure the performance of your social ads in real time.  You can use powerful tools to the extent you can target an ad to a specific person in a specific location.  You need to learn it. Its very simple and easy to implement as guidance is given step by step.

Generate higher converting leads

If you maintain a habit of consistent interaction with your customers, you are guaranteed to generate leads and a higher sales conversion. These interactions can range from customer service to any other outward facing functionality of your business.

Increase website traffic and search ranking

The most compelling reason for you to be in social media is to increase your website traffic.  If you are a shop front with a website, you are guaranteed to increase footfalls. Also, this significantly improves your search ranking in search engines like Google.

The fastest & easiest way to share content

With almost a single click, your content can be shared across various social networking sites. It’s truly amazing to use the power of social sharing to increase the visibility of your content.

Build relationships

Social media is the best way to create a relationship and build on it. The engagement can be made so meaningfully that the dialogues between you and your customers can be both valuable and long lasting.