What’s your social appetite?

Do you have a social media strategy? Beyond numerous likes and shares, what else could you do? Are you able to list them down?

Can you create a dedicated channel of communication to your customers?  Imagine you have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle for your business.  Can you come up with a 90-day communication plan?

What sort of conversations would you have? What topics would you cover?

How can you make these conversations interesting?

How can you make them into a dialogue?

What sort of content would you curate that can slowly establish trust, and eventually build a relationship?


If you have answers to the above, you are now beginning to unleash a golden opportunity. Without much dollar spending, your business will be able to connect with its customers, keep a close ear to the ground listening,  and develop personal relationships with its customers.  All of this will translate to a guaranteed increase in business.